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Off to School…

This summer has been great, and blogging has made it all the better. But the time has come for me to say goodbye and wish all who’ve come the best. It’s off to school for me. Perhaps one day I’ll revive DebaterBrawl in the spirit of free speech. For now, I’m sure there’s another zealot just like me willing to run the torch.


Google Knol is out and ready to bury Wikipedia


Google meets Wikipedia

KNOL a unit of knowledge is a website platform for authoritative articles on specific topics for people to search and review. The idea behind a knol is to empower authorship so that readers can identify and cross reference their sources to the truth.

The website comes as a direct competitor of Wikipedia the online encyclopedia (of unnamed sources). After some quick searches people would normally run, I found plenty helpful how-to articles on broader topics, but few informative pieces on specific searches.

I suspect this is because Knol doesn’t have the sheer bulk of users that Wikipedia enjoys to have that reaching grasp on virtually any thought-up topic. For now, it seems that Knol’s niche is it’s how to… as opposed to Wikipedia’s what is… search results.

Whether this niche grows and rises to bury Wikipedia remains to be seen. It’s worth noting, however, that anything to do with Google in the past has usually met with instant success and widespread popularity. And with it’s motto, “Just write, let Google do the rest,” users may find Knol and it’s Google-friendly tools to be a satisfying alternative to Wikipedia.

May the battle of the Wiki-Knol rage on.


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Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket To Escape Dying Planet

Young Gore sets out for his new home, where the sky is clear, the water is clean, and there are no Republicans.

Young Gore sets out for his new home, where the sky is clear, the water is clean, and there are no Republicans.

The Onion is at it again, peeling back the layers and sharing with all. Portrayed in an apocalyptic world, Gore places his fictitious son in a rocket in hopes that he will be accepted as man’s last clean gasp for survival. In good ol’ comic book fashion, the narrative of a cast away politician is told, and in it, a republican fighting, carbon reducing superhero is born.

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The “Mojave” Experiment

What do people think of Windows Vista when they don’t know it’s Windows Vista? Microsoft took it to the streets disguising Windows Vista as codename “Mojave,” the “next Microsoft OS,” so regular people who’ve never used Windows Vista could see what it can do–and decide for themselves.


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California Earthquake Largest Since 2004

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — A magnitude-5.4 earthquake has struck just east of Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

According to the USGS archives, it’s the biggest California earthquake since September 28, 2004, when a 6.0 quake was recorded. It’s too soon to tell if any major structural damage was done, but the shake was strong enough to wake iReporter Danny Casler, 28, of Huntington Beach after recuperating from surgery.

The Associated Press states the earthquake disrupted phone service near its epicenter, but nothing more.

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported. But the story gets eerie when taking into account a study released by the U.S. Geological Survey last week confirming California’s more than 99% chance of having a magnitude 6.7 or larger earthquake within the next 30 years.

A 5.8 magnitude quake is considered by the USGS to be “moderate,” which can cause slight damage to buildings and others structures. Let’s hope that is as shaky as it gets.


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NASA Established 50 Years Ago Today: Happy Birthday

Fifty years later and we’ve done the impossible. We’ve blasted chimps, men, women and shuttles out of this world. We’ve walked on Mars and landed on the moon. We’ve put up our flags, sent up our satellites, we’ve even come together to live in outer space for months and years at a time. NASA was established July 29, 1958 after the Russians launched Sputnik and the United States decided to step up its efforts to win the space race. Then, Congress allocated $80 million to the task. In 2008, 50 years after NASA was established, the agency has a budget of $17.3 billion. What pride. What joy.


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Obama’s EuroTrip Recieves Backlash

It seems the more Europeans love and embrace Barack Obama, the less Americans are willing to do the same. During his recent trip across Europe and the Middle East, Obama made huge strides in showing that he can mingle with world leaders. To his credit, that places significant faith and trust on the international stage. But, US electioneering has made those successes into gaffe. Apparently, the audacity of acting presidential is too much for Americans to handle and it shows:

A surprising poll released Monday confirms Sen. Barack Obama’s worst nightmare: he actually lost ground to Sen. John McCain after a global trip meant to buck up his sagging credentials in foreign and military policy.

The USA Today/Gallup poll has McCain leading Obama by four points, 49 percent to Obama’s 45 percent, among likely voters.


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