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Hey everyone and welcome to GreatDebater.

Americans love a fair fight. But today’s media arena is no longer a fair and balanced place. As a result, Americans are tired, and want a measure of sensibility and responsibility restored. GreatDebater is geared toward championing that cause by connecting people to places where voices will be heard. There are few media sources that offer sensible and responsible journalism, and so it is my goal to provide people with the means to make news a fair and balanced place.

With a little online investigation, I am counting on bloggers, readers, and viewers to pitch-in and share their thoughts on what happens in the world beyond Bill O’Reilly and his views on race, or Lou Dobbs and his next thought-up government disaster. There’s been enough heckling, pandering, and Xerox reporting; I think Americans deserve better than that.

If you notice, the page is designed in a Twitter-like model so that people may share brief comments and ideas while also providing quick leads onto breaking news events. The campaign is only beginning, but soon I hope to generate enough dialogue to make this site an informative quick-stop on news updates, where people from all around the nation can dip-in and add to developing stories. From the latest on the campaign trail to the quake that has devastated thousands half way around the world; this is GreatDebater where stories from real people tell what really happens beyond what the camera shows you.


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