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Prices at the pump go up and the consipiracies live on…

With the national gas average bumping as high as $4.04, it’s little wonder people are looking for somebody to blame, and who better than OPEC, the easily disliked coalition of oil mongers that has the country grabbed by where it hurts. The non-profit watchdog group Freedom Watch has filed suit against the Organization of Petroleum Exporting States, charging the cartel with engaging in “economic terrorism” by fixing the price of oil. The coined phrase, like the “War on Terrorism,” is admittedly catchy: Everyone wants to believe the rising price of fuel has nothing to do with this administration, or the war that was started under false pretenses and has become an ongoing policing action seven years after Bush declared, “Mission Accomplished.” What Freedom Watch doesn’t know is that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the OPEC kingpin, is also our key US regional ally who we also pay to says things like “oil is an energy for construction and must not become an instrument for conflict”—which I swear is last week’s fortune cookie I read at Panda Express.

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  1. This is a thought about why gas prices are high:


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