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Living Like ED!

Let’s take a break from politics and talk about a guy named Ed. The guy with the energy sustainable house and lifestyle that’s worth sharing on television with the world. If you know who I’m talking about and have watched Living with Ed the reality hit TV show, then you also know that Ed is something of an intense individual. The extent to which this man has gone to lead an absolute green lifestyle is obsessive and a huge downer to my less ambitious goals of saving water, conserving electricity, and recycling whenever possible.

Being that I am open to ideas, however, I visited his site (which characterizes Ed’s intensity as a passion) and decided to purchase his book, “Living Like ED: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life,” to see if his passion was something I could be a part of. Surprisingly, his motto, “live simply so others may simply live” has more to it than just its ring. Rather than a force read, “Living with Ed” is a thoroughly inviting piece for those looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet and live a better, greener life. Ed shares his insights on what works, what doesn’t–and what saves you money–without leaving you groping for fresh air.

I think it’s neat how he’s even marked his eco-friendly tips as “Easy Changes,” “Not-So-Big Changes” and “Big Changes” throughout the book to make them quick to spot without being overwhelming. From something as small as changing your air filter and light fixtures to letting the sun heat your water, “Living Like Ed” is packed with eco ideas–from obvious to ingenious–that will help you live green, live responsibly, live well. Like Ed.

If you’re one of those people like myself who has there doubts on whether Global Warming exists, that’s fine. What I liked most about “Living Like Ed” is that no matter where you stand on the debate, doing the environmentally sound thing is just common sense. In the long run, going green saves money, saves energy, and saves the environment.

Ed outlines six main areas for going green and a few eco tips:

  • Home–change light bulbs, insulate, and use the dishwasher less.
    Transportation–Bike to places, use public transportation, or try a fuel-efficient vehicle.
    Recycling–Sort your trash, reuse, and donate.
    Energy–use off-peak, go solar, or simply reduce on waste.
    Garden and kitchen–grow at least some of your own food, plant trees, and buy local food.
    clothing, hair and skin care–wear organic clothing and use organically produced cosmetics.
  • Do your research. Know that you are not perfect and always strive to learn more. Go to the Climate Crisis Calculator and find out how much carbon dioxide you are putting into the air. Or utilize your search engines when looking for more information about going green. Ed recommends nrdc.org.

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  1. I’m not a huge advocate of the going green movement. Not in the sense that I think its a bad idea, more so that I think people like Ed probably take it a bit far. I’m a foodie myself and recently moved to Hong Kong. Prior to my move I got interested in the go green movement and, although I may not push for it in all aspects of my life, I suggest going as green as possible with your food is a great decision. Natural, sustainable, and organic food simply tastes better. Here in Hong Kong there are many open air markets where people hawk their freshest fruits, vegetables, seafood, and even meats. The quality and selection of these sustainable foods is exquisit when compared to that of the states. So while I may not be next in line for a green house, I will be first in line at the farmer’s market and suggest you join me.

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