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Why I Blog…

When I started blogging (about 20 days ago), I said, “Alrighty…this is neat…I can do this…now what?” Then I came across Mobilizing Generation Web 2.0 (something of a bloggers how-to for starters) and it’s been a launching point for my GreatDebater Weblog ever since. From Technorati to Blogger, CSS to XML, I can’t get enough of it!

For me this has been more about refining my thoughts and inviting others to do the same. Now I have my mind set on sharing that invitation on a larger scale so that the Great Debate can really take hold. You see, I like conflict. Especially when it comes to competing ideals. If I can count on you to take the debate to a greater level, then maybe together we can build a place where voices are actually heard.

In the short time that I’ve done this, I’ve realized that the best way to do this is to create win-win relationships online. If you would like me to link to you, leave me a comment with your blog name, URL and preferred category listing (i.e. political, entertainment, weird stuff etc.) and I will add you to my blogroll. In exchange, please link to me. Also, contact the other people who have commented and get them to link to you too.


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69 Responses

  1. Hey, I’ve added your blog to my blogroll. My Blog is The Adventures of AlisterComputeron at http://itsuperhero.wordpress.com. You can file it under technology. I look forward to seeing what else you have to say.

  2. hey, sure i’ll add you to my blogroll. good luck with your new blog. My Blog is http://leesidestory.wordpress.com
    You can file it under politics/opinion or just your general blogroll. up to you. thanks.

  3. Hello, and thank you for your request;
    You may add me at http://poetwarrior.wordpress.com

  4. Sure, link me up. http://grumpylion.wordpress.com.

    Primary subjects are politics and atheism.

  5. Yes of course i’ll blogroll you, mine’s http://jmgibson.wordpress.com
    Thank You

  6. hi Christ
    Look i am so new at all this u will make me look stupid . I love the idea but just do not have a clue as to what i am doing.been getting plenty hits only because i have worked on the one thing i know and thats people

  7. Of course,link me up.—- Cocoy’s Delight

  8. Sure man, I’m game. Thanks for the interest.

    I’m at http://bannercoward.wordpress.com/ and I mainly do politics, religion, and film.


  9. Yeah you can link feel free to label me under: Spite, political/social commentary, humor (funny spite), and sometimes Japanese culture.


  10. Hey, Thanks for the offer. I’ve added your link:

  11. Hi,

    I’ve linked your blog to mine. The link to my blog is http://www.mightyminnow.wordpress.com.

    It’s always great to hear what real people are thinking/saying. It’s quite a refreshing break from the tired old cliches you get on TV, radio, and in the newspapers.

  12. Greetings.

    Thank you for your message. Yes, I did get to visit your Blog. And I like it. I would appreciate if you do list my blog in your blogroll. Here is the URL —


    I will list your blog in my blogroll.
    My e-mail address is kalyan@alum.mit.edu — do drop me a note. What is your e-mail address? I will drop you a note too.

    Thanks and best wishes.


  13. Thanks for the comment. I’ll add you to my blogroll, but I’m not sure I can categorize my blog with one word — unless that word is eclectic. I talk about politics, religion, economics, and then some downright humorous, offbeat stuff. My blog is at http://supercynic.wordpress.com. Take care, and I look forward to the discussion.

  14. Hey Chris, thanks for the offer, but i’m not into serious debating, just giving my 2-cents worth here and there. US politics is way, way above my head. Know nothing about it, and give give a hoots,

  15. Hi, Thanks. I will add your blog to my Blogroll, my address is http://giltroy.wordpress.com/

  16. I added you to my blogroll

  17. Hey Chris, thanks for stopping by. I just linked to your blog from my blogroll. Look forward to seeing you around on digg
    where I go by:
    take care
    PS – if there are any other blogs you want me to link, contact
    me at anytime. also if you want something dugg, just shout.

  18. Hi, Could you possibly add links to my two political blogs
    And I will add your blog on my blogrolls

  19. I’ll be glad to add you to my blogroll… if you promise to say something more substantial about the global warming debate. 🙂 Thanks!

    — bi, International Journal of Inactivism

  20. Hey man, cool blog you have here. Glad to have your link on my page. http://alternativenrg.wordpress.com

    Much respect!

  21. btw, when you’re on someone’s site you like, click on “Blog Info” in upper right hand corner of screen and you can instantly add someone’s blog to your blogroll. i added you. here’s mine:

  22. Great blog (I’m political too, and so should everyone be). My link: http://www.efraimzgraves.wordpress.com

  23. ive added you to my blagrolly

    mine you can file under skepticism


  24. Here is mine! Thanks, Chris!


  25. Added to the blagroll. You can add me at http://jyunri.wordpress.com

  26. http://themicrocosm.wordpress.com/ I will add you when I get home tonight. Reminder would be nice on the requests page of my blog.

  27. OK i added your link to my blogroll 🙂

  28. We can exchange links if you like. I’m all for ranting about stupid things and ideas I find disgusting, and raving about smart solutions.

  29. I linked to our site.

  30. hey u left a comment on one of the blogs i write for. since i dont own the site you posted on, i cant add you to the blogroll. i can add you to my own blog though. i post about nintendo wii news and rumors.


    i added you to my roll

  31. Have linked to your site on my BlogRoll:


  32. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the request. My blog is Ad Caudle’s Weblog. The address is http://adcaudle.wordpress.com/

    My blog is about anything and everything really, from political views to gaming, to technology and even philosophy at a stretch. At your discretion what you put it under.



  33. Added you to the roll, here’s my link.

  34. Hi debater,
    I am not sure what i am doing would fit your profile. I am writing a couple of fictional stories. people are welcome to come read them and comment. I love comments.

  35. Keep blogging. You’ve got some good stuff.

    Miss Fix It

  36. I checked out a few of your posts, I too enjoy a good, organized arguement from time to time. I linked you.

    Mine is http://johnosorio.wordpress.com. I write about food, that would be my category I suppose 🙂

  37. Absolutely guys… Please add my link ( andikabayuherbowo.wordpress.com ) in your blogroll..
    And i’ll add your blog in my blogroll also…
    Thanx.. ^_^

    For anyone who wants to add my blog, i’m welcome….

  38. I’ve added you to my blogroll.


    I guess you could file it under “solipsistic rants.” 🙂

  39. sure, set up a link to my site and i’ll add you to my blogroll…http://lindbeam.wordpress.com. my blog, though, is a strange mix of personal family news and politics. have at!

  40. Thanks for reading my blog ( http://tana.wordpress.com/ ). I’ve just added your blog to my blogroll.

  41. No worries, let’s set it up


    Thanks! =)

  42. I’m sorry that was a bad url

    Here it is again.


  43. I’ve added your blog to my blogroll.

    here is mine! http://mschaut.wordpress.com/

    Looks like you’re doing quite well with the invitation!

  44. Great blog — I have added you to my blogroll.

  45. Nice to meet you. http://reviewsion.wordpress.com

    Focus on reviewing entertainment, news, and life; you can file under Entertainment and/or Miscellaneous.

    Will add you to my blogroll.

  46. Hi I’m at patrishka.wordpress.com
    focus is fashion, art, photography, life
    I like what you are doing cheers!

  47. I like what you do…thank you

  48. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your kind comments. Yes I would like to very much share my Link with your Blog as I liked your idea very much as it seems interesting.

    http://www.lifechums.wordpress.com and http://www.lifechums.com (it’s a Blog from Blogger)

    I await your comments and reply and if you like my effort then you may pass on my URL on to your friends & family.

  49. Hi Chris,
    i have added your link in my list..
    visit my blog andikabayu.wordpress.com

  50. http://angelingreen92.wordpress.com

    added yours to mine

  51. awesome stuff

    i doodle around at http://skitzels.wordpress.com

  52. Added your blog to my blog roll.

    Here is the address of my blog:

  53. I’ll add you today or tomorrow



  54. yes, I added you here are my blogs http:www.inpolitics.wordpress.com and http://www.nogooddeals.wordpress.com

    The other full blogs are http://www.inpolitic.com and http://nogooddeals.com


  55. ill add you tonight….



  56. Hey CM,
    Sure, sign the Duck up. The link is cripsyduck.wordpress.com.
    Nice ta meet ya.

    (that’s criPSy, not criSPy, everybody.)

  57. Glad to add you.
    I focus on politics and science.

  58. Sure bud I’ll add you once I see I’ve been added to yours. I’m new to putting this stuff on a blog too but for different reasons. I

    ‘m basically using it as a way to copywrite my material, I’m working on my comedy act.

    So feel free to add http://wallick.wordpress.com and I’ll be happy to do the same.

  59. Sure, I’ll exchange links with you. Here’s my address:


    The blog is called Treading Lightly. It’s about gardening, frugality, food, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

  60. Sure! Here’s my blog:


    It’s called Are You Ready to ROCK? Its mainly film reviews right now. But I plan to do music reviews as well and books if i ever read one lol Chiil. Late

  61. Hi.
    I’m responding to your request.
    Yes, please add my blog to your site. My blog is http://umerging2day.wordpress.com/

  62. Yes, please add my blog to your site. My blog is http://yifeiliu.blogspot.com

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