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Gas, Food Prices Pinch Elderly Meal Programs

In an earlier post, I wrote on how rising food prices are caused by hoarding nations and not the savagely ticking meter at the pump. Well I did myself a disservice by ignoring how hard we struggle to keep up with gas, food, health insurance, and mortgage payments every day.

Life is hard, and the price of gasoline isn’t making food any more affordable. I can’t begin to think how hard it must be for the elderly left to fend for themselves at an almost obscene age. But let’s try. Imagine leaving a newborn child out on the street with no means of survival. I’d say baby blue is a goner unless some benevolent being comes to the rescue.

According to an article released by the Associated Press, there are an estimated 20,000 senior nutrition programs across the country that serve millions of elderly and frail Americans (those benevolent beings to the rescue) that are being squeezed by soaring food costs.

That means for every arthritis stricken 81 year old Sally May who relies on the hot meals delivered daily to their homes for sustenance, may not have that lifeline to count on tomorrow.

There are 47 million Americans without health insurance, a quarter of which will check-in the emergency room for various injuries and illnesses, fine. They may live another day to pay-off that outrageous hospital bill. But Sally May and baby blue only get one shot at survival, and that chance may be something small, like an innocuous loaf of bread.

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