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More See America’s Loss of Global Respect as Major Problem

The most recent national survey by the Pew Research Center shows that more Americans say that the US is less respected in the world than it has been in the past. Opinion among Democrats, Republicans and Independents are the same when it comes to America’s global image, and nearly all agree that Islamic extremist groups such as Al Qaeda pose a serious threat to the national well-being.

Overall, there’s nothing ground breaking to the survey other than that it shows just how much American’s have been convinced that we are the target of an ever looming attack by terrorists on US soil, which is complete hogwash.

What is your stance on America’s Global Image? Leave a comment and Start a Brawl!

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One Response

  1. I live in England, and to be honest I think that our relationship with the US has been turned into something of a political tool, especially for those on the left. Government over here can’t really win – too close with the US and we’re being ruled by another country, not close enough and we’re running away from our greatest allies!

    However, I would say that it is no surprise that global image has been more negative after Iraq, as it has happened with us as well.

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