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Obama family interview: Ice cream, squirt guns on the campaign trail

Obama Family InterviewAs of late, Barack Obama has taken flak for his seeming flip-flop on the issues. “I think there’s been definitely shift in position, and one of them is Iraq,” McCain told the Fox News Channel on Tuesday. But Obama hopes he can counter “this whole notion that I am shifting to the center or that I’m flip-flopping or this or that,” he said.

On the whole, however, it appears that Obama has aligned himself with the center, telling reporters last week he might “refine” his views based on what happens on the ground in Iraq–a totem issue that only a month ago stood as the single defining stance between him and Senator Hillary Clinton.

Appealing to moderates may just be another one of his smart campaign strategies to help win the election in November. His daughters agree: White House life would be very “cool,” adding, “dad talks too much,” they said in their first allowed interview. For them its ice cream and squirt guns on the campaign trail.

Meanwhile, Obama and the family’s charm are irresistible fodder for the press.

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