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NASA Established 50 Years Ago Today: Happy Birthday

Fifty years later and we’ve done the impossible. We’ve blasted chimps, men, women and shuttles out of this world. We’ve walked on Mars and landed on the moon. We’ve put up our flags, sent up our satellites, we’ve even come together to live in outer space for months and years at a time. NASA was established July 29, 1958 after the Russians launched Sputnik and the United States decided to step up its efforts to win the space race. Then, Congress allocated $80 million to the task. In 2008, 50 years after NASA was established, the agency has a budget of $17.3 billion. What pride. What joy.


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3 Responses

  1. NASA Golden era 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s

    was impressive , full of example of Yankee ingenuity and forward thinking mindset

    However, NASA today is a pallor remind of one glorious and more hardcore science agency in our globe.

    Seems the mid 1970’s NASA seems to walk a path parallel to our economy

    From Dominance and Continous real Growth,
    to slowy decay and many setbacks

    However miracles can happen and maybe God willing
    Nasa can turn the beat around and our nation too

  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  3. Wow, this post is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing these things, so I am going to let know her.

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