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Why I Blog…

When I started blogging (about 20 days ago), I said, “Alrighty…this is neat…I can do this…now what?” Then I came across Mobilizing Generation Web 2.0 (something of a bloggers how-to for starters) and it’s been a launching point for my GreatDebater Weblog ever since. From Technorati to Blogger, CSS to XML, I can’t get enough of it!

For me this has been more about refining my thoughts and inviting others to do the same. Now I have my mind set on sharing that invitation on a larger scale so that the Great Debate can really take hold. You see, I like conflict. Especially when it comes to competing ideals. If I can count on you to take the debate to a greater level, then maybe together we can build a place where voices are actually heard.

In the short time that I’ve done this, I’ve realized that the best way to do this is to create win-win relationships online. If you would like me to link to you, leave me a comment with your blog name, URL and preferred category listing (i.e. political, entertainment, weird stuff etc.) and I will add you to my blogroll. In exchange, please link to me. Also, contact the other people who have commented and get them to link to you too.


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