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So It’s Time For Some Campaign’n!

JibJabs 2008 Campaignn

JibJab's 2008 Campaign'n

Anyone who remembers JibJab‘s hilarious rendition of the 2004 presidential election between Bush and Kerry will greatly appreciate the political subtleties exploited in this year’s campaign parody. We’re always told to be informed and politically active, maybe we can finally live up to those expectations, only I’m sure this isn’t what they had in mind.


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Kim is left to his whim

Today our President announced that North Korea will come out from the duns corner and again join the international community as they stop their nuclear armament program.

The good news is that the US may have in-part redeemed themselves from the so-called WMDs in Iraq, which justified the warped notion of a global war on terror that has left us with lost lives and a patch of sand. The not so good news is that the US is erasing North Korea off the terrorist sponsor list and dropping sanctions that were brought on by Kim Jong-il’s dictatorship and bent on making the world an angry place.

But the really bad news is that the North’s declaration is not expected to reveal three dark secrets: the nuclear bombs the North has already produced; its alleged attempts to produce nuclear arms by secretly enriching uranium, which triggered the ongoing crisis in 2002; and accusations that the North helped Syria build a nuclear plant.

That means we’re doing North Korea a favor in exchange for zilch since the North’s nuclear reactors were disabled late last year under US supervision. I get the feeling that the nuclear reactor scheduled for demolition on Friday is largely symbolic. The only good that comes out of this is to our global image, which we cannot fully share the glory of since China and a host of four other countries were involved in negotiations with North Korea as well.

All UN sanctions will still be in place for the gross human rights violations that go on every day in the North and Kim Jong-il will still be in power keeping his people starved and miserable.

I suppose the only real excitement out of all of this is that tomorrow (Friday) I will have posted the plant’s demolition, which should make for a decent light show—no promises on a nuclear bomb though.

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Kucinich Offers Impeachment Articles Against Bush

Congress has 72 hours to table it, send it to committee, pass it, or reject it. In his bid for an upcoming re-election, Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced 35 articles of impeachment against President Bush on Monday night, reading the resolution into the Congressional Record. He has submitted a similar resolution against Vice President Cheney, together comprising a litany of alleged illegal and improper acts by the Bush administration, including war crimes. CBS has the latest news and coverage.