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So It’s Time For Some Campaign’n!

JibJabs 2008 Campaignn

JibJab's 2008 Campaign'n

Anyone who remembers JibJab‘s hilarious rendition of the 2004 presidential election between Bush and Kerry will greatly appreciate the political subtleties exploited in this year’s campaign parody. We’re always told to be informed and politically active, maybe we can finally live up to those expectations, only I’m sure this isn’t what they had in mind.


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We know the presidential nominees, but the veepstakes couldn’t be higher. Here’s a wrap on what the Vice Presidential battle field looks like in the race of ’08.

Politico’s longshots in the veepstakes have speculated that the Democrats are on the hunt for someone who’s older with solidly mainstream views, to reassure voters concerned about Obama’s relative inexperience, particularly in foreign policy.

The Republicans, on the other hand, aim to fill the vice presidential slot with someone who brings business experience to tap into voter concern about the struggling economy, and youth, for the obvious reasons.

GreatDebater’s veepstakes:

For the Democrats, the obvious contenders are John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and maybe even Bill Richardson. Edwards carries the South, Clinton unifies the party, and Richardson brings experience. The only hitch is that these picks are too well known. Edwards is seen as a pushover, Clinton contradicts Obama’s call for change, and Richardson is Hispanic, making him an illegal immigration sympathizer.

Go for the long-shot candidate: Wesley Clark. As a retired General of the United States Army, Clark gives Obama everything he doesn’t have. Valedictorian of his class at West Point, and Rhodes Scholar to the University of Oxford where he obtained a degree in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics, to later earn a master’s degree in military science from the Command and General Staff College, Clark spent 34 years in the Army and Department of Defense, receiving many military decorations and honors.

Clark joined the 2004 race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, but withdrew from the race to campaign for the eventual Democratic nominee, John Kerry. In September 2007, he endorsed Hillary Clinton, but after she pulled out of the race, Clark endorsed Obama. The prospects are endearing.

For the Republicans, the MSNBC veepstakes have chosen Colin Powell. These days, though, the republican with a distinguished military career has hinted he may jump to Obama.

Go for the long-shot candidate: Bill Gates. That’s right, the recently retired Microsoft founder is a trusted voice on the economy and his multi-billion dollar commitment to charitable giving could soften up the campaign’s image. The challenge may be winning his support. For now, Bill. Cheers, and best of luck making the world a better place.

Check out msnbc‘s veepstakes game and submit your pick.

Who’s your choice? Leave a comment and Start a Brawl!

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