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So It’s Time For Some Campaign’n!

JibJabs 2008 Campaignn

JibJab's 2008 Campaign'n

Anyone who remembers JibJab‘s hilarious rendition of the 2004 presidential election between Bush and Kerry will greatly appreciate the political subtleties exploited in this year’s campaign parody. We’re always told to be informed and politically active, maybe we can finally live up to those expectations, only I’m sure this isn’t what they had in mind.


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Romney Interview: Being President Would Be “An Apprenticeship” For Obama


Mitt Romney has seemingly disappeared off the campaign trail, but in an Interview hosted by Ahsley Martella on Newsmax.TV, Romney comes out in full support of John McCain while also suggesting that he may run again for the conservative nomination in 2012. As for Obama, he states that he has the most liberal voting record in the country and that his inexperience makes it look like he is running for the apprenticeship of the United States. Romney states that Barack Obama has done almost nothing in government and that Americans generally want a known commodity.

On the whole, I feel that Romney mellowed his commentary and took an acceptably conservative stance on immigration and offshore drilling. At the end of the clip, however, you can catch how Romney alludes to himself as the young and energetic candidate who could win the election in 2012 or 2016, which I thought was at least mildly tacky.

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Mudslinging 2.0

John McCain’s early-on campaign ads (like the one above) are absolutely brutal. Usually they come equipped with movie-thriller-voice narrations, insinuating captions, and revealing snap-shot photos that measure Obama’s character by the less-than-desirable remarks uttered by those he closely knows.

They are the kind of campaign ads that play off people’s fears, created to frighten viewers and voters over to McCain. With Barack Obama recently voted as the Democratic Presidential Nominee, more slime ads can be expected from both camps. Being able to sift through the slime is what’s important. Here are the repercussions, as described by Mike Huckabee, of making the huge mistake of demonizing Barack Obama early-on in the race.

Farber Interview: “Dirtiest Ad of My Lifetime.”

Legendary talk radio host, commentator, author, and regular Newsmax contributor Barry Farber tells Newsmax correspondent Ashley Martella the MoveOn.org attack ad on John McCain concerning Iraq is the dirtiest ad he’s ever seen and explains why.

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